Carrgeenans are different from other hydrocolloids in many ways and the most important one is its efficiency to respond to proteins and is primarily used to gel, thicken and stabilize dairy based products and not being a surfactant, Carrageenan still helps stabilizing the emulsions. The 3-D networks that aids stabilizing also helps to put up particles.

Iota Carrageenan is an amazing gelling and thickening agent that mostly works well with dairy and fruits to make a flexible and heat reversible soft gel. Iota (carrageenan) needs calcium ions to form a gel and like other carrageenans, it is a vegan and a perfect substitute to gelatin. Iota makes a soft gel, especially when the calcium is present in sufficient quantity.

Kappa (carregeenan) gels react with potassium and calcium salts. Kappa makes brittle and stiff gels in the existence of calcium. In existence of potassium salts, Iota forms elastic and firm gels.

Lambda Carrageenan is not helpful in formation of gels, but is useful as a thickening agent. Many yoghurt products and heavy cream products available in super markets use it as a stabilizing agent.


Iota is great to create frozen desserts, to thicken hot dairy foams and ice creams and to create rich custards that taste delicious even with eggs or low fat ingredients.

Rapid settings of Kappa (carrageenan) enable you to coat an ingredient with a gel. Just use hot kappa solution to dip it in and after you remove it and allow it to cool, it will shape a brittle and thin gel coat on all sides of the ingredient. For kappa gel the solution should have potassium or calcium.

Kappa and Iota are mostly used together to alter the mouth feel and texture of the end result. Indeed the properties of both of these ingredients give you mouth watering delicacies.



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