Tow Chains

Emergency towing solutions

Accidents happen – your car may get a flat tire, you may experience a dead car battery, or your car may have mechanical trouble that prevents it from being driven. When this happens, you may need to have it towed to your mechanic to be fixed. You can hire a tow truck, but this is an expensive option, especially if you don't have an auto club membership. Tow chains (or tow straps) are a less expensive, better alternative for your car emergency kit.

Tow chains allow you to tow your car to where you need to go without calling a tow truck. Simply attach the chain, normally made of a heavy-duty material strap and strong metal hooks, to your car and the other end to the towing car, and you can drag your car out of a ditch or off the side of the road. Although it can be tempting to use this method to tow your car all the way to the mechanic, towing without the use of a proper tow bar or tow truck is against the law. Restrict your use of tow straps for emergency situations where towing a car a short distance is allowed.

If you do need to tow your car further than out of a ditch, you can use your own towing equipment, like a tow bar, a tow truck or a trailer, rather than calling a professional. Just make sure you know how to use the tow ropes and any towing equipment; one of the biggest hazards of towing is the chance that the car can come loose and cause a bigger accident.

When buying tow chains, make sure you consider how much weight you will need to pull. Along with cars, you can also use them to move objects like rocks and trees, but again, you'll need to make sure you know how to use them safely.

A car that's stuck is a hassle and an annoyance. Just as a spare tire comes in handy when you have a blowout, towing chains and other equipment can help you get back on the road in no time, making them an important part of any car's emergency kit.

Why Are Tow Chains Essential for Moving Cars?

  • You don't have to pay for an expensive tow truck to move your car a short distance.
  • They have other uses, such as moving trees, rocks and debris out of the way.

Things to Consider When Buying Tow Chains

  • How much weight will you need to pull?
  • Are tow chains legal to use for towing a car in your area?

Top Tow Chain Brands

  • Campbell tow chains
  • Acme Hitch tow chains
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